I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia, on November 16, 1980. Here is my CV in Russian and in English. Here are a couple of words about my family and my name.

I work at Higher School of Economics in Moscow and at St.Petersburg State University, doing theoretical linguistics and psycholinguistics. My main areas of interest are word order alternations (syntax and processing), information structure, especially formal approaches to it, syntax-prosody relations, architecture of the grammar and psycholinguistically adequate grammars,
generative descriptions of Russian syntax, so-called EPP in the Tense domain, some aspects of inflectional and derivational morphology and how it is represented and processed in the mental lexicon, psycholinguistic studies of agreement (gender, number and case).More information about my studies and research can be found here and here.

The number of fascinating questions one can ask as a specialist is very limited, so I am interested in popular science. Usually I read or watch other people’s work, but occasionally talk or write about something myself. Selected links are listed
here (in Russian).

Together with my husband Daniel Lourie I have a passion for pre-revolutionary Russian and Soviet antiques. The most notable outcome of this passion is Daniel’s collection of Soviet tin boxes: about one thousand boxes from tea, coffee, candies, cosmetics and many other things made in 1920s-1970s.